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Bulgarian and German Hand Grenades Book 1945 - 1989

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We are pleased to offer you this great reference book of Bulgarian and German hand grenades,part II. It covers the period from 1945 to 1989. It is written in Bulgarian with summaries and comments on all photos in English. This first edition revealing information on Bulgarian hand grenades will be a perfect addition to your collection.

By obtaining this book you will learn more about Bulgarian and German grenades to what concerns their similarities and differences. The book is richly illustrated with many unique photos and diagrams, some of them published for the first time. It distinguishes by a very well structured detailed and chronological arranged presentation in 200 pages (soft covers) , which includes all grenades types from the following periods:  

1. Antipersonnel Hand Grenades, used by Bulgarian army after 1945 (Koveshnikov UZRG, F-1, RG-42, RGD-5, RG)-78, etc.)

2. Development of Antipersonnel Hand Grenades in Germany until 1945. Postwar models in Bulgaria.

3. Development of smoke and chemical Hand Grenades in Germany until 1945.

4. Modern smoke and gas Hand Grenades in Bulgaria in period 1945 - 1989.

5. Incendiary devices for hand throwing in Germany and Bulgaria during WWII.

6. Other types hand grenades in Bulgaria after 1989

7. On the Hand grenades Collecting

Most of the information used comes from a very reliable historical sources both Bulgarian and foreign. There are great comments and parallels with the German grenades models, which makes the book perfect reference literature for every collector.

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