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Bulgarian Armored Vehicles Tanks 1935-1945

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Equipment and Armor in the Bulgarian army
Author: Kaloyan Matev
Issued: in 2006
ISBN: 954-90587-7-8
Language: English only
Pages: 127, soft cover

The book is an illustrated study and description of the establishment and organizational development of the Tank Forces in Bulgaria during the period 1935-1945. The short period of the presented permits an in-depth analysis of all known supplies of armored vehicles in the Bulgarian army until the beginning of the large-scale supply of Soviet equipment. There are presentations of different types and makes of armored vehicles, which allow the book to be used as a reference book too. It is the first tiome a special attention has been paid to the camouflage, registration and identification marks used used in the Bulgarian Tank Forces until the end of the World War II.

In comparison to the Bulgarian-English edition of this book that was published in 2000, this book is written entirely in English, there is no Bulgarian version of the text. Also, there have been included illustrations of tank uniforms in this new edition as well as more detailed presentation of the tank machines used in the Bulgarian army. This book abounds in black & white photos and presents 14 illustrations drawn by Stoyan Popov. There have been included a good deal of tank models: “Skoda”, “Ansaldo-Fiat”, “Vickers”, “Maybach”, “Renault”, “Hotchkiss”, “Mutci”, “Praga”, “Panther”, etc.
Some information about the author
Kaloyan Matev is a graduate of the Technical University in Sofia, with “Automobiles” as his major. His favorite historical period is the Second World War. He is the author of the books: “Light Tanks of the 2nd World War”, “Armored Vehicles 1935-1945” and “Automobiles, Trucks and Tracktors 1935-1945”. He has written a number of articles on the issues and history of the vehicles and their armor equipment.

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