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Bulgarian Old Communist Paratrooper Camouflage Jacket Uniform

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We present you a very rare communist camouflage paratrooper coat jacket. Such jackets were worn by the elite communist paratrooper officers and landing troops. The coat is characterized by the so called “splinter” pattern designed as the German WWII camouflage pattern.
The jacket's model can be dated to the beginning of the 1960s. This is the first camouflage made especially for officers.
This model looks in a more modern and universal way compared to the camouflage overalls used by the time it came to be used. The model was made in limited quantity, as only high ranking military personnel wore it. By the 1980s no other camouflage equipment of this kind had been fabricated.

The coat has a thick winter lining made of wool as well as a collar. Both are removable. Thus the coat can be worn in colder and warmer days. The back part of the waist is elastic so that the coat fits perfectly to the body. The jacket has removable shoulder boards, two chest flap pockets, two hand and two zip pockets, with zippers at both the right and left side of the pocket. The latter detail is typical for the jackets of the special units.
On the inside of the paratrooper jacket can be noticed the black stamp of the producer as well as the year of fabrication. The camouflage was made in the communist army plant: “H.Botev” located in the town of Kalofer: this is what reads in the stamp, as well as: "19 I B 63g". The latter indicates 1) the year of production: 1963 and 2) size: 1. The jackets we have are either made in 1963 or in 1964. The sizes we offer are M, and L  - Please, write us to specify the size you need .

The jacket is in excellent condition. When worn during missions, it is to be accompanied by a leather helmet: as the one you can see in one of the photos. We can supply you with both.

Bulgarian Camouflage History
The camouflage uniforms in the Bulgarian communist army are rare to find and are intended to be used at training demonstrations by paratroopers, landing troops and some high-ranking officers.
The first camouflage uniforms used in the Bulgarian communist army are the camouflage coveralls M1953 with a splinter pattern. After the Warsaw pact there occurred the necessity of modern camouflage uniform for the special forces and paratroopers.
For that purpose, at the beginning of the 1960s there was sewn a very small number of camouflage uniforms like one of the jacket models we offer. The pattern is of the splinter type, and the model was employed for a short time only.
In 1968 there was introduced another coveralls model intended for paratroopers, intelligence staff and border guards. This type of coveralls is characterized by the so-called “frog” pattern.
At the same time there started to be employed another camouflage coveralls: with yellow (rain like) pattern, imitating the DDR uniform. These coveralls were the only available camouflage uniform up to the 1980s.
In 1986, according to the army trend at the time, there was introduced a camouflage uniform of 2 parts: jacket with pants with the splinter pattern. This uniform was to serve the needs of the elite forces when necessary but it was not that widely employed in the Bulgarian communist army either. On the small labels indicating the size of the jackets one can notice sometimes the year of fabrication: 1987.

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