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Bulgarian Officer Labor Corps Dagger, Royal model/ made 2008 + luxurious case

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This is a remarkable make of one of the a new dagger models, for whose base are used the form and symbols of the royal dagger model that was used before WWII. The name of the master who created this model is K.Kolikov. He is a well known master of knives, swords and blades. At the moment he is the only one who makes such daggers.

This is a dagger, whose model represents entirely the old royal model of royal labor corps from 1938. The first emission was manufactured in "Puma" factory, Solingen in Germany. There were no inscriptions on the blade of the initial dagger emission, except the monogram of King Boris III. and the producer’s name and stamp.  
This dagger is almost entirely hand made of high quality materials after special technology.
For the make of the blade is used high-quality, stainless steel, of the  "4X13" or "AK-5" type.
On one of the sides can be noticed the engraving of traditional ornaments and the lettering: “Duty and honor”. It is interesting in the case that the designers of the dagger have made use of the motto of the famous youth Nazi organization of WWII: “Brannik”. At the upper part is discreetly engraved the sign of the only authorized master of M2003 daggers, Kiril Kolikov, who has been a knife master for years on end. The sign is composed of the master’s initials: K & K and a dagger in the middle, all of them placed over a shield.
On the other side of the blade should be decoration only according to the patent rules. So far, however, all the dagger orders made by generals have been with the lettering offered in the project: "S nami bog" (the same as with the royal tradition).
All the daggers have crowns, just like the Royal model. The hilt is made of polycarbonate and also repeats the royal model, as the cross guard does. There was used gold-like wire that is coiled twice. In the upper part can be noticed a gold like crown. On the front side of the dagger cross guard can be noticed a lion head. On the reverse is the army symbol of the labor corps – pick and shovel. In the middle is placed a silver plate with the royal coat of arms.

The scabbard is black nickel-plated, with gold like elements with oak-leave ornamentation. On the upper part is visible silver sign of the royal labor service with the slogan “Labor for Bulgaria”. The dagger we are offering goes with a hanger made of green velvet decorated with golden tinsel stripe and buckles with lion heads and case. In its upper part on the inside can be noticeda blank name - plate. You may decide whose name should be written there. 
The dagger is perfect and original. Every collector who is familiar with Bulgarian daggers will notice the difference between the royal model and the present one. Both the maker and ShopBulgaria guarantee the quality of this excellently made dagger we offer you!
The dagger sells with a hanger and luxurious case . Perfect for every collection!!!

Kolikov is one of the most favourite blade masters in Bulgaria. He is born in 1948, and study the dagger’s-making at the old master work-shop D. Dimitrov. Kolikov get the master degree in 1977, received several awards and certificates from different exhibitions, and took part in over 50 international shows. Blades that he created over the years were awarded to celebrities like Kim Ir Sen, Fidel Castro, Leonid Brejnev, Francoi Miteran, Vladimir Putin, prince Charles, Franc Bekenbauer, etc. Each of master’s creations is result of over 120 operations, most of them – about 80% are hand made. Each of the daggers that Kolikov made represents his development, creative spirit and master work.

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